The joy of embarking on a new adventure can often be overshadowed by the stress and frustration of the logistics. If it’s truly about the journey and not just the destination, then it’s time to make the adventure as hassle-free as possible. In this week’s chat we want to hear about all your tips and tricks to making travel seamless from start to finish. Everything from the practical to the profound, share your hard-earned travel wisdom with us!

This Thursday, May 18th at 2pm EST, join us, @travel_sisters, @TheTravelHack, @Jones_Y and the Passion Passport community to chat about Travel Secrets! Join us by tagging your tweets with #PassionPassport.

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST

Welcome to the chat! Often times a smooth trip is all in the planning. Where do you begin when researching a new destination?

Q2 – 2:05pm EST

When it comes to packing, experienced travellers have their routine down to a science. What are your fundamental packing strategies?

Q3 – 2:15pm EST

One of the biggest expenses while travelling is accommodation. What are your tips for finding affordable accommodation?

Q4 – 2:25pm EST

Frequent flyers know how to get through the airport seamlessly. Share your airport routine to ensure a smooth flight?

Q5 – 2:30pm EST

Unwary tourists can make easy targets for thieves… better to be safe than sorry! What are your safety tips while traveling?  

Q6 – 2:35pm EST

To connect or disconnect, that is the question! How do you manage your cell phone while away?

Q7 – 2:40pm EST

Most importantly, you want to enjoy the destination. What are your travel secrets to exploring a new location? Share a pic!

Q8 – 2:50 pm EST

Anyone who has traveled knows how difficult it can be coming home. How do you adjusts to life post-adventure?

Body image by Andrey Larin / Header image by @rawpixel