Photo by Community Member @1924Us

Featured photo by Community Member Los Vanajeros

There are countless ways to preserve moments beyond our memory. Photography, videos and social media provide the gift of capturing and sharing travel moments for years to come. Along with that, journals, sketchpads and postcards can be used to tell and retell stories in incredible ways. All are important in bringing travelers closer towards a common passion: to best explain the stories behind how traveling changes people.

This week, the Passion Passport community will come together and share all the beautiful and bold ways you document adventures. We want to see your travels come alive through the mediums of memory you love most. Join us this Thursday, September 1st at 2pm ET to chat with Passion Passport and incredible co-hosts, including Elisabeth Beyer (@SidetrackedBlog) and Griffin Lamb (@gmlamb).

If you are unavailable during the twitter chat time but would still like to participate, please schedule your responses according to the times listed below:

2:00pm EST
Q1: What’s your documenting medium of choice while traveling (photo, video, writing, etc.)? Why are you drawn to it?

2:05pm EST
Q2: When you’re following other travelers’ stories, what is your preferred way to keep up with those trekking around the world?

2:10pm EST
Q3: Has documenting your travels ever helped you make a personal connection? Share a story if you have one!

2:15pm EST
Q4: What is one artistic medium or platform you want to use more often? Why?

2:25pm EST
Q5: Who is a traveler that documents their trips meaningfully? Tag those that inspire you!

2:30pm EST
Q6: If you could tell one story about anywhere in the world, what would it be and how would you share it?

2:35pm EST
Q7: How do you think people will be preserving their travel stories 5 years from now?

2:40pm EST
Q8: Has a standout travel moment of yours gone undocumented? If you could go back, (how) would you choose to capture it?

2:50pm EST
Q7: Tell us about a time you tried something new in documenting your travels. Did it turn out like you thought?

2:55pm EST
Q8: We want to see your stories! Share a link to a recent article or photo set that you’ve done. Tag a new fellow traveler that you met during this chat!