Norway Coastline by @Dansmoe for Passion Passport Scandinavia Twitter Chat
Photo by Community Member @dansmoe

For the next installment of our “On Location” Twitter Chat Series, we are headed North. Far North.

Scandinavia refers to the historical region comprised of the Kingdoms of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The countries surrounding it, such as Finland and Estonia, make up the rest of Norther Europe. In the collective imagination its a place of colorful architecture, beautiful design, cold winters, and some of the happiest people in the world. On Thursday, December 11th at 2PM EST, join us for our #PassionPassport Twitter Chat where we’ll be talking about the real Scandinavia/Northern Europe with people who know it well, debunking rumors and stoking your wanderlust. Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Tallinn are all on the itinerary.

Join us, and our co-hosts @skimbaco, @culturetrip, and @wanderthemap, at our new weekly chat time to share your stories from Scandinavia and learn about where to go on your next trip.


If you are unavailable during our Scandinavia twitter chat, feel free to schedule your responses according to the times listed below:

2:00PM EST   Q1: Welcome to the #passionpassport twitter chat. Where are you joining us from?

2:05PM EST   Q2: Have you been to Scandinavia/Nor. Europe? What did you love? If not, what would you love to see? #passionpassport

2:13PM EST   Q3: Scandinavia has the reputation of being expensive. Any tips on how to make your money last longer while your there? #passionpassport

2:21PM EST   Q4: You’re planning your Northern Europe itinerary right now. What are some sights you have to include? #passionpassport

2:29PM EST   Q5: Winter in Scandinavia/Nor. Europe is full of activities. What are some activities you’d prioritize on your next trip? #passionpassport

2:37PM EST   Q6: The Ice Hotel: who’s stayed in one before? Who wants to? Any tips on what to pack? #passionpassport

2:45PM EST   Q7: Choose one: Oslo, Tallinn, Copenhagen or…? Tell us which city you have your eye on! #passionpassport

2:53PM EST   Q8: Have you been to #NorthernEurope or #Scandinavia? Share your travel stories or photos with us! #passionpassport