Photo by Community Member Emily Hinchcliff

Featured photo by Community Member Olivier Drouin

Sometimes, the most important thing we bring back from a destination is only a deeper desire to return. Nostalgia from past trips can light a spark in us to continue discovering the unseen corners of a city or coast. We often crave to revisit the local friends and cozy eateries that made our first experience in a location a significant handprint in our memory. This week, the Passion Passport community will discuss our favorite spots to revisit around the globe. Whether it be annual family vacations, service trips or mountain get-a-ways, we want to hear the stories and see the pictures that created your reoccurring travel. Join us this Thursday, September 15th at 2pm ET to chat!

If you are unavailable during the twitter chat time but would still like to participate, please schedule your responses according to the times listed below:

2:00pm EST
Q1: Welcome to our chat! To start us off — what was your most recent trip? Share a photo with us! Would you want to go back to this destination?

2:05pm EST
Q2: When you’re looking to revisit a place, which things from past trips do you keep the same? What do you like to change each time?

2:10pm EST
Q3: Relationships make places meaningful. Who have you revisited during travel? Share a photo of them — or a location you experienced together!

2:15pm EST
Q4: Share a photo of a place you want to go back to! Where is it? What specifically draws you back there?

2:25pm EST
Q5: How have you seen certain places change over time? When you return back to them, what strikes you as different?

2:30pm EST
Q6: What advice about revisiting places would you give to other travelers?

2:35pm EST
Q7: What destination have you visited multiple times? How often do you go? What brings you back to that cherished spot?

2:40pm EST
Q8: Do you document your travels any differently with each return? How?

2:50pm EST
Q9: Whether it be a layover or a wrong exit — tell us about a time you returned to a location unexpectedly. What did you find meaningful about it?

2:55pm EST
Q10: In your own words, why is revisiting destinations so important?