Lakeside homes in British Columbia, by Chris Burkard
Photo by Community Member @chrisburkard

Along the Pacific coast of Canada lays the rugged and pristine wilderness of British Columbia. For our next installment of our “On Location” Twitter Chat series, we’ll be joined by @HelloBC to talk about all the adventures this Canadian province has to offer, from towering mountains and crystalline lakes right down to the Pacific coast and the sparkling city of Vancouver.

Join us on Thursday at 2pm EST on Twitter by using the tag #passionpassport to explore British Columbia, share the stories of your travels there, and learn about where to plan your next trip. We’ll be joined by co-hosts @ordinarytraveler, @forrestfire, and @RTWgirl_, who will be able to answer questions you have about what to do and where to go.


If you would like to participate in the conversation but will be unavailable during the chat time, please schedule your tweets according to the times listed below.


2:00pm EST
Q1: Welcome to our #passionpassport chat w/ @HelloBC! Introduce yourself and tell us where you’re tweeting from.

2:05pm EST
Q2: British Columbia has many of Canada’s most beautiful places, have you visited any? If not, which are you hoping to see? #passionpassport

2:13pm EST
Q3: For those of us who still have BC on our Bucket List, where are some must see places for a first trip? #passionpassport #passionpassport

2:21pm EST
Q4: Now we’re going to plan our trip to BC. First decision: coast, mountains or rainforest? Why?#passionpassport

2:29pm EST
Q5: Second decision as you plan your adventure in BC: Winter or summer? #passionpassport

2:37pm EST
Q6: Have your trip planned? Tell us where you go, or what you do, as soon as you land in BC? #passionpassport

2:45pm EST
Q7: Been to BC before? What’s one place or experience you think a new visitor shouldn’t miss? #passionpassport

2:53pm EST
Q8: Have you published any blogs or photos about your time in BC? Share the link #passionpassport