Compared to countless urban areas around the world, Hong Kong stands out as a city iconic for more than one type of adventure. As its legendary skyline glows next to colonial Chinese buildings and ancient temples, travelers approach Hong Kong knowing it will be colored with world-renown kitchens, Cantonese opera, island-hopping, karaoke memories and more.

This Thursday, December. 8th at 2pm ET, we and fellow travelers The  want dive into your experiences from Hong Kong! Join us and the Passion Passport community in coming together a create a conglomeration of travel stories, photos and insights to inspire each other to explore Hong Kong’s vibrant opportunities.

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST
Show us a photo of a favorite travel moment in Hong Kong! Where were you?

Q2 – 2:05pm EST
What is a hidden gem in Hong Kong that other travelers must know about? Post a pic or link!

Q3 – 2:10pm EST
The city of Hong Kong has intensely varied characteristics. From history to technology, what is your favorite aspect of the city? Share a photo to help explain!

Q4 – 2:15pm EST
What Hong Kong meal or treat has made your mouth water? Where was it from? Let’s see a pic!

Q5 – 2:20pm EST
Where have you felt the country’s history resonate during your travels in Hong Kong?

Q6 – 2:24pm EST
Have you taken part in a party, festival or tradition during your Hong Kong trips? Share a photo!

Q7 – 2:30pm EST
As a traveler, why are you drawn to Hong Kong over other destinations? Be specific!

Q8 – 2:36pm EST
Travel buddies make the trips brighter! Who have you traveled to the city with? Or what new friends have you made while exploring Hong Kong? Share a photo!

Q9 – 2:40pm EST
Who or what first interested you in checking out Hong Kong? Give them a shout out!

Q10 – 2:48pm EST
Let’s hear your travel dreams! What is up next on your Hong Kong bucket list? What draws you there?

Q11 – 2:55pm EST
From karaoke to Cantonese Operas, what city adventures have you experienced in Hong Kong?

Q12 – 2:58pm EST
Hong Kong has vast greenery right next to the city. What is your favorite outdoor activity to do outside the city. Post a pic!