Photo by Community Member Kyle Houck

Featured photo by Community Member Mariah Nogueira

Seeking solitude can bring peace and insight that endures after a trip. When we find a beautiful place to experience alone, we can enter into a rejuvenation simply from the company of ourselves. Along with that, finding solitude in travel can lead us into the most unexpected and memorable adventures when we wander on our own. If we gain the ability to acknowledge the greatness of a destination even without a group, it can develop us to become more bold, reflective and grateful travelers as we learn to see the world in new ways.

This week, the Passion Passport community will share of their past experiences apart from others and how it has impacted them as travelers. We want to encourage you to share the stories of the memories you created on your own that are incredible and worthwhile. Join us this Thursday, September 29th at 2pm ET to chat with Passion Passport and the travel community on the power of Solitude in Travel!


Daniel James (@danflyingsolo): Travel blogger & photographer with a passion for getting off the beaten track.

Jeff McAllister (@mcallisterjeff): Former TBLI winner, travel photographer based between Vancouver & Melbourne

If you are unavailable during the twitter chat time but would still like to participate, please schedule your responses according to the times listed below:

2:00pm EST

Q1: Searchers of solitude — welcome to our travel chat! What aspect of solitude appeals to you most?

2:05pm EST

Q2: Have you traveled solo before? Tell us about your experiences, did you experience the solitude you expected?

2:13pm EST

Q3: What inspired you to seek out solitude during travel? Tell us about a specific trip!

2:20pm EST

Q4: Where do you look for your destinations of solitude? Wilderness? Rooftops? Share a photo if you have one!

2:29pm EST

Q5: Why do you think seeking solitude is important? What have you gained from experiences in solitude?

2:35pm EST

Q6: Where is one place you would love to visit that you know would provide amazing and beautiful solitude?

2:40pm EST

Q7: In your opinion, do you think finding solitude in travel is difficult to find?

2:45pm EST

Q8: What’s your next solo adventure? And share any stories, pictures, poems, or creativity you’ve published of past trips!

2:50pm EST

Q9: What defines “finding solitude in travel” to you? What must it include? What must it exclude?

 2:55pm EST

Q 10: Do you document your solo travels differently than trips spent with others? Why or why not?