Photo by Passion Passport Community Member: @sezgiolgac

Featured Photo by Passion Passport Community Member: Susan Portnoy

Havana is hot! Tourism in Cuba is booming, now being the second-most visited island in the Caribbean. Between its mouth-watering ropa vieja and flan de leche to the streets spotted with 1950’s cars and colonial homes, Cuba enchants the modern traveler. This week, the Passion Passport community will be celebrating the memories and aspirations travelers share for visiting the vibrant island.

Join us this Thursday, October 20th at 2pm ET to share insights, photos and stories with other globe-trotters who have been captivated by Cuba’s charm. If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST
From its amazing music and food to its natural beauty, what first comes to mind when you think of travel in Cuba?

Q2 – 2:06pm EST
Have you encountered any holidays or festivals while traveling in Cuba? Share a photo!

Q3 – 2:12pm EST
As a traveler, why are you drawn to Cuba over other destinations? Be specific!

Q4 – 2:18pm EST
What city adventures have you experienced in Cuba? Tell us about it & share a photo!

Q5 – 2:24pm EST
Being that people are one of the most vital aspects of travel, what companions have you made while exploring Cuba? How did you meet them and where?

Q6 – 2:30pm EST
We’d love to know — who or what first interested you in setting Cuba as a travel destination? Give them a shout out!

Q7 – 2:36pm EST
What is or was on your Cuba trip bucket list? Share a photo if you’ve crossed it off!

Q8 – 2:42pm EST
The island is known for its amazing array of music variety, from jazz & salsa to hip hop. Have you experienced any musical performances while in Cuba?

Q9 – 2:48pm EST
What Cuban meal or treat has made your mouth water? Share a photo!

Q10 – 2:55pm EST
In your own words, what makes Cuba stand out among other destination islands?