Camping and Trekking Chat - tent at night

On this week’s #PassionPassport Twitter Chat, we are getting out and exploring! Join us at 2pm EST on Thursday, 6/4 using the tag #PassionPassport as we chat about “Camping and Trekking”. We want to hear how you fell in love with the outdoors and where your next adventure will take you.

Come prepared with photos to inspire the rest of us to set out on the trail and tips for making backcountry nights more comfortable. We’ll be joined by outdoor experts @ENOhammocks, @Hipcampers, @julianbialowas@GoalZero, and @TravelingTed and will be talking about gear, routes, and your first overnight experience. Thinking of planning a trek but not sure where to go? Or worried about bringing the right supplies? This is the chat to get all your questions answered!

If you’re unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, schedule your tweets according to the times listed below.

2:00pm EST
Q1. Welcome to this week’s #PassionPassport Chat. Introduce yourself and tell us where you’re tweeting from!

2:05pm EST
Q2. Tell us about your favorite camping/trekking experiences? What made them so special?

2:13pm EST
Q3. Describe your first experience overnight in the great outdoors. Where were you and who were you with?

2:21pm EST
Q4. What is the next outdoor adventure that’s calling your name? What’s inspiring you?

2:29pm EST
Q5. Aside from the 10 essentials, what is one item you won’t trek/camp without?

2:37pm EST
Q6. What is your favorite backcountry meal? Show us a photo!

2:45pm EST
Q7. Have you ever camped in the snow? What advice can you give?

2:53pm EST
Q8. What adventure are you currently planning? And share any #Camping or #Trekking stories you’ve published!