We live in an incredible world full of fascinating destinations, each unique with a plethora of reasons to visit. This week we’re talking Travel Hot-spots! What standout locations have you been to and where’s next? Let’s share iconic trips and compile new bucket-lists. Get your passport ready.. You’ll be wanting a getaway.

This Wednesday, August 22nd at 2.30pm EST, join us, @Lavidashannon@monicazyoung, @cestchristine and the Passion Passport community to chat about ‘Travel Hot-spots’! Make sure to tag us in your tweets with #PassionPassport.

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:30pm EST

Welcome to the chat! What is your favorite destination and why? Share a pic!

Q2 – 2:35pm EST

Do you travel for natural beauty or a man-made wonder? Why?

Q3 – 2:45pm EST

What’s a nearby hot-spot that you’d like to take a weekend trip to?

Q4 – 2:50pm EST

Share a unique picture you’ve captured of a popular destination. Any photography tips?

Q5 – 3:00pm EST

Calling foodies! What’s a hot-spot destination you’d travel to for the cuisine? Share a pic!

Q6 – 3:05pm EST

Deciding which destination to visit can greatly depend on the weather. Share a hot-spot destination you’d pick for each season and why.

Q7 – 3:10pm EST

Travel hot-spots tend to be tourist traps. How do you manage the crowds?

Q8 – 3:20 pm EST

Now we want to see some outdoor adventures! What’s a popular destination you’d travel to for a breath of fresh air? Share a pic!

Body image by Paul Gaudriault / Header image by Charlie Costello.