Passion Passport twitter photo of blogger photographing bridge
This week’s #PassionPassport Twitter chat is about travel blogging and finding your voice through travel writing. Most of us have stumbled upon a travel blog and had an instant feeling of wanderlust. We find ourselves scrolling through their blog archives and soaking up the details of all their trips. After one night of reading, our bucket list is a mile longer. What makes some travel writing so captivating, and how can we develop our own voice to engage with readers?
Join us at 2PM EST on Thursday, January 8th to discuss the world of travel blogging. We’ll be using the hashtag #PassionPassport to discuss the questions below, with our co-hosts @cestchristine@jcreaturetravel, and @manymanytravels. Bring some of your favorite travel blog posts to share with our community.
If you are unavailable during the chat but would still like to participate, you can schedule your tweets according to the times listed below. 
2:00PM EST   Q1: Welcome to our #PassionPassport chat on travel blogging & finding your voice. Introduce yourself & tell us where you’re tweeting from!
2:05PM EST   Q2: Do you have any favorite travel blogs? What makes you keep going back to them? #passionpassport
2:13PM EST    Q3: Do you have a travel blog or have you ever considered starting one? Why or why not? #passionpassport
2:21PM EST    Q4: How has writing about your travels helped you find your ‘voice’ or allowed you to talk about your experiences? #passionpassport
2:29PM EST   Q5: How does your travel style change when you’re actively documenting each trip on your blog? #passionpassport
2:37PM EST   Q6: What’s one place you’ve visited that really brought our your creative side? Show us a photo! #passionpassport
2:45PM EST   Q7: Where are you heading in 2015 that you’re excited to write about? #passionpassport
2:53PM EST   Q8: Do you have a favorite blog post you’ve written or read recently? Share it with us! #passionpassport