Wednesday, April 30th 1:00 pm EST – Passion Passport PERU-themed Twitter Chat

From Lima to Cusco, Peru offers a variety of places to visit and explore. The Bucket List Initiative winner, Jeff McAllister, will be doing just that when he visits Peru on his dream trip in just a couple of days! In honor of his trip, we’re hosting a one-hour travel Twitter chat highlighting the beauty of Peru, and getting a preview of Jeff’s upcoming trip. Join the chat and explore this beautiful country with us; all insider tips and advice is welcome!



#PassionPassport Questions:

1:00 pm 1) A trip to Peru wouldn’t be complete without…..?

1:08 pm 2) What archeological site in Peru fascinates you the most?

1:15 pm 3) What is your must-do when you first land in Peru?

1:22 pm 4) Do you have a favorite Peruvian artist or cultural figure?

1:29 pm 5) What Peruvian cuisine do you love, or are most looking forward to try?

1:36 pm 6) Peru is often referred to as a country hewn into thirds: jungle, mountains, and coast. What is your favorite?

1:44 pm 7) What are some off-the-beaten-path locations, cities and trails to visit in Peru?

1:52pm 8) What are some tips for shooting street portraits in a country other than your own?