Wednesday, May 21st, 1:00 pm EST – Passion Passport Packing Tips Twitter Chat

Packing is an ESSENTIAL part of planning your trip and the first step to making sure that everything will run smoothly. If you forget something, you’re left disappointed and scrambling to find it at your next destination. If you pack too much, you inevitably regret it. We want to make your next packing endeavor as easy as possible so we’re hosting a Twitter chat with Independent Traveler and Latitude 34 Travel to discuss practical packing strategies, packing advice, and everything in between! Join our chat this WEDNESDAY (5/21) at 1 pm EST and share some of your useful packing tips!


#PassionPassport Questions:

1)   What is your travel packing mantra? Ours is: “Less is more!” #passionpassport

2)   Do you typically pack TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE? #passionpassport

3)   What’s the ONE thing you ALWAYS seem to forget when packing? #passionpassport

4)   What are your THREE packing essentials besides clothing? #passionpassport

5)   What’s the first thing you take out of your luggage when you realize you’ve completely overpacked? #passionpassport

6)   What’s your favorite, versatile travel item that you can wear anywhere, any time? #passionpassport

7)   Zip-lock bags? Rolling your clothes? Layering? Share with us some of your packing tricks! #passionpassport