There exist countless mysterious spots across the globe: from the well-worn lore of places like Area 51, the Bermuda Triangle and the Great Pyramids of Egypt to our own backyards. Each spark our imagination and make us stop to consider just how much we don’t know. Lets share places steeped in mystery — places that will make you breathless with wonder, send chills down your spine, or just leave you scratching your head.

This week, open your mind to new travel experiences as we explore the great mysteries around the world. Join us, @travelcricket8, @packupgo_travel and the Passion Passport community on Thursday, November 2nd at 2pm EST to chat about  ‘Mysterious Travel’! Make sure to tag us in your tweets with #PassionPassport.

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST

Welcome to the chat! What comes to mind when you hear ‘Mysterious Travel’?

Q2 – 2:05pm EST

Have you traveled to any mysterious locations? Share a pic!

Q3 – 2:15pm EST

From abandoned buildings to notes on the sidewalk. Share a finding that left you curious!

Q4 – 2:25pm EST

Ever had a mysterious animal encounter while traveling?

Q5 – 2:30pm EST

Share a travel pic inspired by the idea of ‘mystery’.

Q6 – 2:35pm EST

Channel the spirit of Halloween and tell us about a time you celebrated this mysterious holiday abroad.

Q7 – 2:40pm EST

Any travelers come to mind when you think ‘Mysterious Travel’? Tag them!

Q8 – 2:50 pm EST

What’s a mysterious destination that you’d like to explore and why?

Body image Samuel Edwards / Header image by David Huang.