The experience of travel is undeniably a feast for the senses, especially visually — we’re riveted by the newness of our surroundings, caught by a particular detail or awestruck by an overwhelming feature. Nowhere is this truer than when we find ourselves faced with a landscape we want to capture. Landscape photography is a core element of travel, for the simple reason that landscapes encompass the places we see and want to remember.

We want to focus this week’s Twitter chat on the process of photographing the landscapes we come across — which appeal to us most, what common challenges we run into, and what advice we can share with each other.

This week join us, and the Passion Passport community on Wednesday the 7th of March at 2:30 – 3:30pm EST to chat ‘Landscape Photography’! Make sure to tag us in your tweets with #PassionPassport.

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:30pm EST

Welcome to the chat, let’s share the landscape love! Name your favorite landscape photographer(s) and what you like about their work (make sure to tag them!).

Q2 – 2:35pm EST

What is your favorite type of landscape to shoot? What aspects of it are particularly attractive to you?

Q3 – 2:45pm EST

Do you have a golden rule for shooting landscapes that you’ve learned or been told?

Q4 – 2:50pm EST

Weather can have unexpected effects on landscape photos. Do you have a photo when bad weather made for a great shot? Share it!

Q5 – 3:00pm EST

Certain landscape techniques, such as night and time-lapse, require extra effort. Share a tip on such a technique, or ask a question! (Favorite to help us prioritize!)

Q6 – 3:05pm EST

Share your hardest-won landscape shot. What was the biggest obstacle to getting it?

Q7 – 3:10pm EST

What conditions do you like best for landscape photography? Why?

Q8 – 3:20 pm EST

Name one destination whose landscapes you’re dying to shoot. Why?

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