Passion Passport Founder Zach Glassman and Marketing Coordinator Dani Haigh are currently exploring the beautiful country of Finland, thanks to the team at Visit Finland. In the spirit of their trip, we will be co-hosting a one-hour Finland Twitter chat with @OurFinland.

Join us this Thursday at 10AM EST for our Finland-themed chat and follow along using #passionpassport!

Visit Finland Travel Twitter Chat
Photo taken in Helsinki, Finland by Zach Glassman

#PassionPassport Questions:

10:00AM: For those who have never been to Finland, what are the top three things everyone must experience when visiting?

10:09AM: What three areas of Finland (besides Helsinki) are your favorite?

10:18AM: From reindeer meatballs to salmon soup, Finland offers delicious and unique food, what are your favorites?

10:25AM:. What is your favorite thing to do during Finland’s summer?

10:33AM: For those willing to brave the Finland winter, do you have any do’s and don’ts? 

10:41AM: The nordic countries are famous for design and Finland is no exception. Any favorite museums, stores or designers from Finland that are a must-see/experience?

10:50AM: What are some of the factors that distinguish Finland from the rest of the Nordic countries?