Wednesday, June 11th #PassionPassport Brazil Themed Twitter Chat

On Thursday June 12th, the FIFA World Cup begins in Brazil and we want to highlight all that this vivacious South American country has to offer; from its white-sand beaches to its rainforests and red-rock canyons. This week’s chat will be sponsored by our friends at Live Worldly and we’ll be co-hosting along with travel blogger Amanda Williams (@dangerousbiz).

Join us this Wednesday at 1 pm for our Brazil-themed chat and follow along using #passionpassport!


Photograph taken in Rio, Brazil by Duncan Wolfe

#PassionPassport Questions:

1) Brazil is rich in outdoor beauty. If you had to choose between exploring its beaches, jungles or waterfalls, which would you choose and WHY?

2) Brazil‘s food is as diverse as it is delicious, what’s your favorite dish?

3) What’s your favorite tourist attraction in Brazil, or one that you’re most looking forward to visiting?

4) The World Cup will be taking place in cities all over the country. Which city in Brazil do you want to visit the most and why?

5) From futbol games to Carnival, Brazil boasts a vivacious culture. Share your experiences with the people and culture of the country!

6) Brazil and futbol are nearly synonymous. What team(s) or player(s) are you most looking forward to seeing play in the World Cup?

7) Any tips on traveling to and around Brazil? Please share!