Travel is always, in some way, transformative — an experience that leaves its mark long after the homecoming. Traveling with a focus, not just with a specific place but a specific objective in mind is even more potent in its power to change our perspective. With the tools available to today’s traveler, more and more project based travel stories are being told while initiatives blossom on personal, community, and global levels. This week, we want to zero in on the particular experience of not simply traveling, but traveling to achieve a goal, to undertake something that could not be done at home.

Join us, @chaiwalla , @KerrySomewhere, @noshindulge and the Passion Passport community this Wednesday, May 9th from 2:30 pm ET to explore ‘Project Based Travel.’

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:30pm EST

Welcome to the chat! What is your personal creative pursuit, and how does travel support it?

Q2 – 2:35pm EST

What is one travel project you’ve undertaken? Share a photo!

Q3 – 2:45pm EST

What project do you hope to undertake this year? What’s holding you back?

Q4 – 2:50pm EST

How do you think traveling might develop your creativity better than staying close to home?

Q5 – 3:00pm EST

Link us some inspiration — either your own travel project or one that’s blown you away!

Q6 – 3:05pm EST

What is a challenge you see with project-oriented travel? How might you overcome it?

Q7 – 3:10pm EST

What do you think is the greatest benefit of traveling with an initiative in mind?

Q8 – 3:20 pm EST

You have one week, anywhere in the world, to work on your craft. Where do you go and why?

Body image by Kaizen Nguy / Header image by Eddy Klaus.