Passion Passport Community: 

I am repulsed and devastated by the recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others before them. The scale of collective trauma in the black community is incalculable. 

Since our inception, our team has worked to create resources and frameworks to enable our community to travel and to build a more inclusive future for our industry. 

But we haven’t gone far enough. 

There is no neutral stance when it comes to racism, so let us emphasize: Black lives matter. Racism has no place at Passion Passport or anywhere. 

Systemic racism is present in travel and in every industry. We must work together to eradicate it. Social media and digital posts can only go so far: the real work is in our daily actions and commitments. At Passion Passport, we remain committed to: 

  • Hiring Black and other diverse full-time/part-time team members and confronting racism in solidarity with Black leaders on our team and in our community. 
  • Hiring and partnering with Black content creators in our editorial content, social media content, campaigns and collaborations. 
    • Goal: hiring 50% BIPOC team members and contractors for internal and external campaigns.
    • Goal: hiring 50% female team members and contractors for internal and external campaigns.
  • Using our platform to amplify Black and other diverse voices and promote online spaces that foster conversation about race relations in the travel, hospitality, and creative industries.
  • Publishing recurring content about BIPOC artists and business owners and their stories.
  • Publishing recurring content about the history of racial discrimination in the travel industry and other educational resources.
  • Creating new opportunities for BIPOC communities in the form of travel grants and other opportunities.

While we are far from perfect, our team is committed to improving every day. We will continue to develop and share resources to ensure a more representative framework for travel and to use our platform for good. 

Challenge us to be better. Encourage other businesses in our industry and well beyond to adopt initiatives and support POC, and to support all individuals who are working to promote resolution. 

We are committed to being an ally and being a part of the solution.

Zach Houghton and the Team at Passion Passport

  • Kyle Peters, Design
  • Erik Mohn, Partnerships
  • Lily Allen, Production
  • Alex Ortega, Social Media
  • Joseph Ozment, Editorial
  • Janelle Choi, Social Media
  • Saran Kaur, Social Media