“God created Bozcaada for those who visited there, to have a long life.” (Heredos)


Located on the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea, Bozcaada (Tenedos) is one of the most popular islands in Turkey.The island is known for its vineyards, jams, Turkish tapas, and old-fashioned Greek houses with pink windows and blue doors.

The excitement of the island can be felt as soon as your boat reaches the port. If you’ve ever seen photos from the water, you’ll understand why. The island beaches and bays are beautiful, the water so clear you can view sea life from the surrounding rocks.

Ayazma Beach is the most popular in Bozcaada. The island’s sea is cold and sometimes difficult to adapt to, but worth a swim. Another popular beach is Beylik Bay, where you can explore a sunken ship by sneaking through a hole in the bow.

If you’re feeling romantic, grab some wine and head to Polente Lighthouse and the surrounding windmills. The sunsets over the lighthouse are some of the best in the world, and it’s the perfect location to enjoy the peacefulness of the breeze with a glass of wine.

In Bozcaada, time passes slowly and nostalgically. There are no loud noises, no distractions. You can’t drive anywhere, save for a few roads. It’s easy to understand why Bozcaada is known as one of the most relaxed islands in the area.

Best of Bozcaada

Beaches: Ayazma, Sulubahçe, Aquarium, and Beylik Bays

Streets: Bozcaada Castle, Polente Lighthouse and Windmills, St. Mary’s Church, Alaybey Mosque, and Bozcaada Old Bookstore

Seafood: Mediterranean morsel (best grilled with lots of olive oil and spices) at Bade-i Aşk, Sandal, Simyon, Vahit’in Yeri, Hikotakis By Zeki, Simyon, or Güverte

Dessert: Çiçek Batisserie for Gumdropand (the “ Damak Çatlatan” cookies) or ice cream