Traveling the world as a deaf individual changed Calvin Young’s perspective in many ways, and it inspired him to launch Seek The World. This week, Passion Passport follows his inspiring adventures. Tuesday, he told us about the moment he cracked, leaving the startup he’d worked hard to build in order to pursue his dream of traveling the world. Wednesday he shared a lesson he learned along the way. Today, he takes us paragliding over Pamukkale.

Watching Calvin’s videos offers a look inside the world of a deaf traveler. The sounds so often associated with a place, the wind you might expect to hear while paragliding, it is not there. It’s an amazing way to see the world through another’s experience.

After watching the video, we asked Calvin to caption it for our readers who do not know American Sign Language:

“Now, I’m about to paraglide over the white travertines of the hot springs in Pamukkale.
I’ve done this back in Fethiye, Turkey yesterday, and now this. I’m down for anything!
I’m about to improvise a 1-15 ASL Story about this experience.”
HANDSHAPE #1: Run, jump, glide-through-air
HANDSHAPE #2: parachute-pops-out, soar, legs-swing-with-parachute, eyes-on-scenery
HANDSHAPE #3: beautiful-view, landscape
HANDSHAPE #4: jaws-dropped. WOW!
HANDSHAPE #5: (cont’d) WOW! hills-trees-landscape-beautiful, wind-blowing-on-my-face
HANDSHAPE #6: jaws-still-dropped, push-jaws-up-closed
HANDSHAPE #7: watch-the-scenery, hey! I-spot-something
HANDSHAPE #8: “is that the hot springs?”
HANDSHAPE #9: “yes, I see the hot spring pools!”
HANDSHAPE  #9 (cont’d): AWESOME!
HANDSHAPE #11: “Now, I understand why…”
HANDSHAPE #12: “…many people…”
HANDSHAPE #13: “…from all walks of life come here…”
HANDSHAPE #14: “…to see this scenery and…”
HANDSHAPE #15: “be amazed!” *people applause*
“Thumbs-up! The story’s done! …Well, I tried my best with this improv.”

Calvin has shared any other video snapshots of his adventures on his YouTube channel. Check them out to see what it’s like to sail in Santorini, enjoy a beer spa, cycle Cappadocia, and much more.

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