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interview with joanne socha

An Interview with Author Joanne Socha: Traveling with Purpose

Joanne Socha is the author of "The Red Bandanna Travel Book: The Medicine of Traveling," which is about purposeful and mindful travel. Much of your book is about how women can approach travel with emotional...
tours for women

Traveling Solo Together: Why More Women Are Choosing to Take Tours

Are you without a travel partner, but not yet ready to go on a solo adventure abroad? Rest assured that there are many methods for women to find a travel community while on the...
traveling with aphantasia

Traveling with Aphantasia: An Invisible Disability

I can vividly recall the Eureka moment that I had when I found out I had Aphantasia-–the moment I could finally put a label on this thing that I’d always known I had but...
instagram guide to marrakech

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Marrakech

Let’s face it, while we often go on holiday for the sun, sea and sights, we as travelers can also base our choice of destination on how Instagrammable it is. No trip would be...
Aerial view of Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

The Best Places to Travel to in September

September has officially arrived, and depending on which hemisphere you’re in, you’ll either be welcoming the autumnal shades of early fall or crawling out of your winter-blues hibernation to the promise of clear spring...
Dilara and Justine in Barcelona

Blessings in Barcelona: What Our Disabilities Teach Us About Travel

When Justine and I first met in 2013, we didn’t even realize that we were both living without a sense each: Justine is legally blind and I am profoundly deaf. Every year or so...

Moroccan Colors: Impressions of the Red City of Marrakech

"Hello. Come in, I’ll show you what is in my store,” he said.  The smart thing to do was to walk away. For reasons unknown to me, maybe it was the Moroccan colors of his...

10 of the Best Places to Sleep Under the Stars

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that there are few things more humbling or awe-inspiring than gazing up into the vastness of a glittering night sky. Stepping outdoors to sleep beneath...
Justin Zackham and his family walk along the beach with palm trees in the background

A Real-Life ‘Bucket List’: One Screenwriter’s Quest to Visit Every Country With His Family

Justin Zackham and his family are en route to a new world record, aiming to be the first family to visit each of the world’s 195 sovereign nations. It’s a lofty goal, but as...


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