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Beyond the Major Cities of Japan

Dare I say that while the cities of Japan offer endless entertainment, it is the areas beyond the urban bustle that will take your breath away? I spent three weeks in Japan last October and,...

Six Activities to Cure Your Lockdown Wanderlust

From the editor: while countries around the world begin to re-open in the pandemic's wake, we must contend with the fact that the viral situation is not under control in the United States. Although...
backpacker in canyon ravine

A Silver Screen Tour of Utah: Zion National Park

The country's national parks might be closed right now, but work goes on behind the scenes to preserve their spirit of adventure and prepare them for the next generation of visitors. When Zion National...
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International Authors Every Traveler Should Know

Anyone who travels is probably already more receptive than the average consumer to media from other countries, but there is often the hurdle of translation that needs to be navigated when it comes to...
buildings of porto portgual riverfront

Long Term House Sitting: A Home Away from Home

I rang in my 30th birthday lounging by an outdoor pool in the Portuguese countryside, overlooking a flock of flamingoes. They bathed in their pond-like enclosure while I sipped on a bubbling mimosa and...

Our Passport to Yours: Part I

In essence, travelers are dreamers. We all fell in love with adventure because we knew there was more of it, and found the most intoxicating part of a journey to be the knowledge that...
help coronavirus efforts from home

How to Help Coronavirus Relief Efforts from Home

As we continue to urge social isolation to limit the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve, it is also imperative that we support those groups and organizations addressing the societal side effects of...
sustainability in tourism

Making a Difference: A Guide to the New Standards of Sustainability

The verdict is in: sustainable travel continues to be a major trend for 2020. Overall, this is great news, but it also means businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector will be more incentivized...
interview with joanne socha

An Interview with Author Joanne Socha: Traveling with Purpose

Joanne Socha is the author of "The Red Bandanna Travel Book: The Medicine of Traveling," which is about purposeful and mindful travel. Much of your book is about how women can approach travel with emotional...


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