In essence, travelers are dreamers. We all fell in love with adventure because we knew there was more of it, and found the most intoxicating part of a journey to be the knowledge that we could always go further, resting only when we needed to. Now, we’re being asked to rest this passion to an unprecedented extent, but let’s not take this personally — no one is telling us to stop dreaming. In fact, as anything and everything one can mark on a calendar gets cancelled for the foreseeable future, we’re being challenged to dream more than ever to imagine the kind of world we can travel safely, sustainably, and with certainty that public health is protected.

Self-isolation activities.

Part of that dreaming, of course, looks like fantasizing about where we’ll go next, and the fuel for these fantasies hasn’t changed: it’s stories, as ever. The stories we accumulate, encounter, and trade have always taken us far away, first in our mind’s eye as we save the money and make the plans, and then finally in reality. That’s why we’re putting together Our Passport To Yours, a series where our staff and community members will share personal stories, ranging from our favorite travel experiences to accounts of how we’re adjusting during a time when travel might be the last thing on our minds. 

In the first installment of this series, we’re looking through my passport — I’m Joseph Ozment, editorial manager here at Passion Passport. I’ve told a lot of my travel stories on this website over the past few years, so I’m going to take this chance to share some of our articles that I’m finding most useful during this time. I’ll also take you on a short tour around the corner of the internet that I’m exploring these days, and provide a few of what I’m calling “anxiety busters.” 

Let’s go! 

Looking Through our Passport:

artist on a park bench
From my recent trip to Savannah, Georgia.
old ice cream shop
Found on a side road in Bluffton, South Carolina.

Anxiety Busters, The Arts, and Virtual Travel: 

Just to keep you busy: 

If you’re like me and learning some new things more out of necessity than anything (like making breakfast from scratch with this pancake recipe), you’re probably in search of activities that don’t exactly feel necessary for survival, but can still broaden your experience with spending all this time at home. 

It doesn’t look like I’ll be making it to Japan this year, but I decided in the meantime to learn some very basic origami — after all, we’ve all got paper at home and I wanted some new decorations. Now I have a number of origami pikachus keeping me company, because I can’t control myself. Use method 2 here and enjoy your new friend(s). 

I’ve also signed up to receive a writing prompt to my inbox every day, courtesy of musician Maggie Rogers and friends. In a serendipitous twist, today’s is modeled after a travel journal entry! The Isolation Journals is a 30-day project intended to keep your creative mind sharp, so sign up right away. 

That’s all for now! Bon voyage. 

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