The city of North Bay sits quietly on the shores of Lake Nipissing Ontario. Located between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay this naturally fed lake is the third largest lake in Ontario. With a surface area of 337.3 square miles (873.6 square kilometers), there’s more than enough to keep water enthusiasts happy.

On the Water Activities

Whether you enjoy canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boarding—or just soaking up some sun on the shore—Lake Nipissing brings the goods. For the more avid canoe and kayak enthusiasts, a trip from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay via the French River is an exciting adventure.


The diversity of Lake Nipissing makes for excellent sailing. Because of its size, there are plenty of opportunities to go forth and explore. You can set off from the shores at North Bay and head 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) to the Manitou Islands. Or you can stay close to land and explore the many adjoining bays and rivers. Just be sure to get some advice from experts like the crew at Blue Sky Sailing Club, as the shallow depths and quickly changing weather can be tricky. 

Paddle Boarding and Kayaking

Both paddle boarding and kayaking have become a popular pastime and the waters of Lake Nipissing are no exception. A paddle along the shore makes for a wonderfully relaxing afternoon activity to wind down and build up a bit of an appetite for a scrumptious dinner in North Bay

One of the great things about paddling and kayaking in North Bay is the selection of rental stores. If you’ve never been on a board or in a boat but you want to try, you can rent before you buy. Try Fun Rentals and take to the water on your own, or go with Shockwaves for guided Kayak tours and lessons.


This rather new phenomenon is taking the world by storm. Gliding over the waves on a board as the wind fills your sails is exhilarating. Sunset Beach provides an excellent west wind and a stunning beach to get the most of your Lake Nipissing Kiteboarding experience.

Chief Commanda Sunset Cruise

The sunsets are famous on Lake Nipissing. And there’s no better way to experience them than a Sunset Cruise on Chief Commanda. Offering a spectacular view of the lake, you can also treat yourself to a three-course dinner as you end the day.

Let’s Go Fishing

Whether an early morning on a quiet dock with a warm cup of coffee and line in the water is your kind of day or the excitement of exploring the deeper waters on a charter is more your style, Lake Nipissing offers you the ultimate fishing experience. 

This beautiful lake is home to walleye, trophy pike, muskie, jumbo perch, and bass. Bring your own boat and use the Waterfront Marina or rent one from Fish Bay Marina. The fish are biting.  

Winter Fishing on Lake Nipissing

The waters of Lake Nipissing not only hold enjoyment in the summer but also in the winter. Staying in an Ice Hut is not just a small shack and a hole in the ice anymore. Lake Nipissing Ice Fishing Charters offers four- or six-man bungalows on the ice. These Lake Nipissing ice huts offer generators, propane heaters, and even a barbecue. Charter out to your winter bungalow where your winter ice fishing experience awaits.

Where to Stay on Lake Nipissing

Camping on Lake Nipissing is plentiful. A peaceful evening roasting marshmallows over an open fire listening to the waves fall on the shore is relaxing after a busy day on the water. Whether tent camping or if you have a full-size RV you can find a great campsite. Champlain Tent Trailer RV Park located right in North Bay offers 31 full-service sites as well as 13 tent sites. Camping with all the amenities just minutes away.

Going to the cottage is an exciting part of Ontario life. There are several cottage rental places as well as private cottage rentals on Lake Nipissing. Alone or with your family and friends you can find a cottage by the water to suit your needs.

Venture Beyond Nipissing

Lake Nipissing is one of hundreds of lakes in Ontario province. And there’s even more water-based adventure just a 90-minute drive from North Bay.

Algonquin Park is Ontario’s largest—and one of its most popular—provincial parks. Here, you can extend your time at the water with multi-day guided excursions that will let you observe the natural beauty of Canada. Voyageur Quest Outfitting is one of the best in the business and offers canoe tours that take anything from one to 14 days. 

Spend time off the grid, getting up close to a beaver dam, watching moose wade into the water, or navigating the rapids on Petawawa River before soaking in the rustic charm of a night around the campfire.

And no matter when snow starts to fall: Algonquin in winter is a beauty to behold. The stillness and freshness in the air after a fresh snowfall or the glint of the sun off a frozen lake is simply awe-inspiring. Plus, cooler weather means a chance to spot a pine martin for a cuteness overload!

Northeastern Ontario’s lakes provide the perfect opportunity to get a taste of Canada’s great outdoors. For more ideas about what to see and do on the lakes, read our Northeastern Ontario Travel Guide.