Roman Königshofer’s mountain photographs instill a sense of exploration and adventure, and evoke the thrill of pursuit that comes with travel. We asked him about his experiences in eight different mountain ranges around the world —his accompanying photos are sure to have you strapping on your boots and heading out the door!

Zillertal Alps

Location: Austria and Italy
Featured Peak: Schwarzenstein
Elevation: 11,050 feet (3,368 meters)

Roman’s experience: “We hiked up the glacier to spend the night and enjoy the sunrise the next day. Sadly, the weather was not on our side, and it started raining in the middle of the night. It may have been a bit wetter than I expected, but the mood in the morning was particularly special.”

The Himalayas

Location: India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, and Pakistan (though Roman was near Khumbu, Nepal)
Featured Peak: Ama Dablam
Elevation: 22,349 feet (6,812 meters)

Roman says: “I took this on my descent from the Cho La Pass into Nepal. This was the second pass of the trip that reached over 5,000 meters high, and it provided stunning views of Ama Dablam.”

The Canadian Rockies

Location: Alberta and British Columbia, Canada
Featured Peaks: Mt. Assiniboine & Sunburst Peak
Elevation: 12,972 feet (3,954 meters)

Roman’s experience: “We completed this trip in two days, which meant it was a pretty intense trek. The weather wasn’t great and we (again) woke up in the rain. But it was definitely a great experience overall.”

Banff National Park, the Canadian Rockies

Location: Alberta and British Columbia, Canada
Highest Peak: Mount Robson
Elevation: 12,972 feet (3,954 meters)

Roman’s experience: “Flying over the Rockies in a doors-off helicopter was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! It was truly a great investment for a photographer like me.”

Lofoten Mountains

Location: Lofoten archipelago, Norway
Highest Peak: Higravstinden (not featured)
Elevation: 3,809 feet (1,161 meters)

Roman says: “Being in Lofoten is worth the trip at any time of the year. This particular trip was during the summer — there was no one else around, and I got to witness the perfect sunset in solitude.”

The Bernese Alps

Location: Berner Oberland, Switzerland
Highest Peak: Finsteraarhorn (not pictured)
Elevation: 14,022 feet (4,274 meters)

Roman says: “The Swiss mountains are just so beautiful! We slept on the mountain in order to shoot the sunrise the next morning, but I snapped this image during the evening before. I watched as this ibex perched on the last bit of springtime snow.”

The Southern Alps

Location: New Zealand’s South Island
Highest Peak: Aoraki / Mount Cook (not pictured)
Elevation: 12,218 feet (3,724 meters)

Roman’s experience: “My favorite part of New Zealand is the Southern Alps. It’s such a picturesque area. When we flew over them, I spotted this perfectly nested mountain lake and couldn’t help but take a photo. I can’t wait to go back and do some climbing in that area one day!”

The Bavarian Alps

Location: Bavaria, Germany
Featured Peak: Watzmann
Elevation: 8,901 feet (2,713 meters)

Roman’s experience: “This is the Obersee Lake as seen from Watzmann, the second highest mountain in Germany. It was a long, rainy day — we’d traversed the whole of the mountain, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.”