Morocco was sensory overload.

It was overwhelming, almost too much to process in the moment.

Now, months after their time in Morocco, Lisa can close her eyes and see the country. She can feel it, too, in a tangible way.

She aches for a place she only knew for a week and a half.

Lisa and her friends, Daniel and Adrienne, spent 10 colorful days exploring Morocco.


The dusty buildings. The ambience from the light filtering into the souks. The rooftops, with cats jumping across them. The ornate carpets and handcrafted scarves.


The countryside. The immense fields they glimpsed on car rides and train trips. The tiles in their peaceful riad.


The city built into the side of a hill, the color of relaxation. The Jardin Majorelle, an explosion of foliage among deep hued buildings once home to a fashion designer.


The friendly parrot in their riad. The way night settled over them as they crammed into a hot train compartment, laughing and talking en route to Tangier. Flickering candlelight.


The muted hue of camel fur. The Call to Prayer echoing through the alleyways and squares from unseen speakers. The light while they watched the sunset on their last night in Fes.


Crisp napkins placed on laps while they tried tagine and drank mint tea. The snow, falling slowly while they dined with a Berber family in the Atlas Mountains.


Tiny bowls of strawberry ice cream and small sugary spoonfuls. Smiles. Laughter. Quiet moments with close friends.

Pink and white and green and grey and yellow and red and blue.


Lisa knows that they only scratched the surface during their 10 days in Morocco. There are more colors to be seen there, but she’s accepted that feeling of being unfinished.

After all, it gives her a reason to return.

Daniel Pierruzzini, Adrienne Pitts, and Lisa Weatherbee traveled to Morocco in the spring of 2017, and documented their trip on Instagram using #AParisianAKiwiAndANewYorkerInMorocco. You can see more of Lisa’s work on her website.

This story was written based on three separate interviews conducted with Daniel, Adrienne, and Lisa. Check out the other two stories in this series — The Kiwi & The Parisian.