For their second film, Will and Jim Pattiz of More Than Just Parks explored Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They chose to visit during the fall, when the park’s autumnal colors are second to none.

During the two weeks they spent filming, they discovered that even though Smoky Mountains is the most-visited national park in the country, its slow atmosphere makes it “perfect for a Sunday stroll.” With a teeming population of black bears, native elk, deer, foxes, coyotes, and birds, one of the biggest takeaways from Smoky Mountains is its wildlife.

Their favorite part of the trip came in the very early morning, when they were hoping to catch the sunrise. As the fog rolled off the mountains and spread throughout the fields, they passed a meadow and noticed two elk locking antlers. They stood and watched while the sound of the clapping antlers echoed through the valley. It was a moment they’ll never forget.

This film presents the most-visited national park in the country. They hope it inspires viewers to visit and take part in the preservation of our national parks.

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