The Pattiz brothers like to describe Zion National Park as “the Yosemite of the desert.”

The filmmakers of More Than Just Parks ventured to the park during the autumn months, the time of year when the cottonwoods turn brilliant shades of yellow and gold, creating striking opportunities for both film and photography. They spent several weeks exploring Zion Canyon, Kolob Terrace, Kolob Canyon, and the surrounding meadows, vistas, red-rock mountains, temples, and ancient rivers.

Their favorite moment of the trip came while they were hiking in Zion Canyon. It started to rain, and within minutes, hundreds of waterfalls formed out of nowhere and started pouring down the canyon walls. Will said that it it was like being in “The Land Before Time.”

This film is the result of the time they spent in the steep, red cliffs of Zion National Park. They hope it inspires viewers to visit and take part in the preservation of our national parks.

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