Early summer is when the wildlife of Grand Teton National Park is on the move. It’s also the time of year when Will and Jim Pattiz, the brothers behind More Than Just Parks, decided to visit.

During their month-long trip to the Wyoming national park, they reveled in the awe-inspiring array of pristine wilderness, glacial lakes, winding rivers, diverse wildlife, and the magnificent Teton Range.

Their favorite part of the trip came when they were out looking for bears. In their search, they came across a cinnamon-colored brown bear who was out in a meadow, playing and turning over logs. To access that part of the meadow, the bear had walked through a field of elk, bison, deer, and pronghorn. It struck them as amazing because they were not only able to see the “puppy” side of a massive, wild creature but also witness apex animals coexisting in the same space.

This film presents what they saw during their time in the Jackson Hole Valley and the foothills of the Teton Range. They hope it inspires viewers to visit Grand Teton and take part in the preservation of our national parks.

To view more of their videos or learn about their work, visit morethanjustparks.com.