For digital nomads working and traveling around the world, Mexico seemingly has it all. Extremely affordable living costs, incredible year-round weather, and plenty of adventure and dreamy destinations to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or are just getting started, you may be curious about what the land of tequila and tacos has to offer for digital nomads. That’s where we come in to help. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of living in the sun-soaked country of Mexico, along with some of its best digital nomad-friendly locations.

Why Live in Mexico as a Digital Nomad?

There are many reasons why Mexico works as a wonderful base for those living the laptop lifestyle. Let’s go through a few.

Culture and Adventures

From the glimmering, deep cenotes of the Yucatán to the dense, verdant jungles of Chiapas, Mexico is a jewel of a destination with plenty of versatility in exploring and adventures. Whether you’re seeking a culture-rich trip in Oaxaca city or a spiritual beach retreat in Tulum, you can find pretty much any travel experience short of snowy ski runs.

Are you a keen diver? Head to the aquamarine blue waters of Cozumel. Seeking an LGBTQ-friendly party spot? Then look no further than Puerto Vallarta on the West Coast.

Then there are the cities, including the much-loved capital Mexico City (CDMX), booming with life and activity.

image: Roberto Carlos Roman Don/Unsplash


There’s no denying that many of us get more bang for our buck in Mexico. A wad of pesos can go very far indeed. Think heaped plates of delicious tacos dished up with beans and veggies for around 20 MXN pesos, which comes at a bargain of $1.

Of course, if you’re after more luxury, you can expect to fork out more for accommodation, dining, and activities – but you’re sure to do well for your money. Many digital nomads living in Mexico make the most of the affordable prices by living in plush apartments and enjoying the finer things in life, which would undoubtedly be more expensive in countries like the United States.

The cost-of-living ranges from destination to destination, so if you’re on a budget, be sure to consider this when choosing somewhere in Mexico to base yourself.

Be sure to check out these stunning pueblos to visit in Mexico!


Mexico is best known for its sun-soaked beaches, but actually, it’s a vast country covering many climatic zones. Mexico is home to deserts that border the USA to jungles that sprawl into Central America. 

That means as a digital nomad living in Mexico, you can take your pick of destinations that suit your weather tastes. Remote workers who love nothing more than lazing on a hot beach on a Saturday can settle among the Caribbean rays in the state of Quintana Roo. Those who prefer cooler climates can head to cities like CDMX.

Remember, many parts of Mexico can get extremely hot during the summer months, so do your research before settling on a spot. There’s also the rainy reasons to consider too.

image: Spencer Watson/Unsplash


Community and Co-Working Cafes

As remote working has grown and grown in popularity, Mexico has developed as a thriving hub for digital nomads, especially in cities like Playa del Carmen and Mexico City.

Many of Mexico’s major cities and tourist destinations have a buzzy community of expats and digital nomads, so making like-minded friends is super easy. Most big cities and beach towns in Mexico also have co-working spaces and cafes with decent WiFi where you can settle down to work, collaborate, and make friends with other digital nomads.

The Best Destinations in Mexico for Digital Nomads

There are many cities and other destinations around Mexico that are excellent bases for digital nomads. Here are some of the top spots.

Puerto Vallarta

Found on the West Coast, Puerto Vallarta is known for its booming nightlife, luxury accommodations, and thriving LGBTQ scene. Puerto Vallarta is the gay capital of Mexico, and many LGBTQ digital nomads feel very safe living in the resort town.

It’s relatively easy to come by quick WiFi speeds in Puerto Vallarta, too. Some neighborhoods boast fiber optic cables, and many coworking spaces offer high speeds of 40 Mbps download and 10 Mbps uploads.

There are plenty of food options too. Spend your evenings sampling mouth-watering cuisine on the beach as you watch the sun melt into the ocean or chomp into yummy grub in the center of town and people watch.

Spend your free time seeking out majestic humpback whales on a boat tour, sipping on cocktails and soaking up the sun at a glitzy beach club, or embarking on a coastal hike just outside the city. There’s plenty to do in Puerto Vallarta.

mexico puerto vallarta
image: Cinthia Aguilar/Unsplash


Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of Mexico’s most popular digital nomad hubs, and there’s a good reason why. ‘Playa’ as known by the locals, is very livable and comfortable for digital nomads. There are high internet speeds, trendy co-working cafes, and a strong community of remote workers to meet and socialize with.

Not to mention the city has a lively party scene, plenty of natural sights to explore, and excellent shopping opportunities. Sitting smack bang in between the tourist hotspot of Cancun and the hippy paradise of Tulum, Playa del Carmen offers great access to weekend adventures too. As well as these two hotspots, Playa is also in easy reach of the idyllic island of Isla Mujeres and the diver’s haven of Cozumel. 

While not everyone loves Playa, it’s convenience, and creature comforts keep people returning again and again.

mexico playa del carmen
image: Laura Shannonhouse/Unsplash


Oaxaca City

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Then make a beeline to the quaint and colorful streets of Oaxaca City and indulge in the foodie capital of Mexico.

Oaxaca has been growing as a destination for digital nomads for the past few years, and it’s slowly becoming better and better equipped for remote workers.

For those interested in learning about Mexico’s culture, nature, and history, Oaxaca is an excellent choice. Plus, it’s super affordable, too, so you don’t have to hold back on ordering that extra plate of tamales. 

Oaxaca is also a pretty safe city, and most visitors feel comfortable strolling around.

In your spare time, wander the bright and beautiful city streets to admire the graffiti and gaze at the architecture. If you can, take the time to explore the striking ruins of Monte Álban in the surrounding area. 

Oh, and don’t miss a Mezcal tour. Oaxaca is where this love-it-or-hate-it Mexican liquor originates from.


Mexico City

CDMX is the capital of Mexico and cannot be missed from this list. If you love a bustling city atmosphere, vibrant nightlife, and delectable food choices, CDMX is a must-visit as a digital nomad.

Plus, there are plenty of expats and digital nomads to meet if you’re all about community and networking. The co-working culture is slowly growing too.

Not only that, but prices are affordable, and internet speeds are high.

However, one factor to consider before settling down for a while is that Mexico City is very contaminated. In 1992, the United Nations declared Mexico City as the most polluted city in the world. The city has a high altitude, sitting at 7382 above sea level, and its oxygen levels are 25 percent lower, so fuels do not combust completely.

As the altitude is so high, you may experience shortness of breath while walking around the city. However, you should acclimatize after two to three weeks.

mexico city bellas artes museum
image: Carlos Aguilar/Unsplash


Puerto Escondido

Love bohemian, hippy vibes? Then Puerto Escondido on the West Coast of Mexico may be the digital nomad hotspot for you. Puerto Escondido, known fondly as ‘PE’ to locals, is a chill surfer beach town that draws in many people interested in spirituality, mindfulness, and health.

You’ll find the likes of yoga studios, yummy eateries, and meditation classes in PE. Oh, and locals take watching the sunset very seriously here, with most heading to the beach to watch it as a daily ritual. 

Puerto Escondido isn’t the place to take yourself too seriously. Be prepared to eat dinner with your feet in the sand, fall in love with the city’s stray dogs, and enjoy the simple things in life.

Sounds pretty dreamy, huh? The only catch (and it’s a big one for digital nomads) is that WiFi problems in PE are an issue. Come prepared with a load of data on your phone so you can hotspot yourself when the WiFi inevitably goes out.

If you’re interested in meeting interesting people and living a simple life involving surfing, volleyball, beaching, then PE may be the place for you. But if you’ve got a load of work to do and can’t afford to take a break when the WiFi goes down, it may be best to look for somewhere with a more reliable connection.



Tulum is another hippy haven, but it’s different from PE. Instead of Puerto Escondido’s raw, authentic vibe, Tulum is home to stunning bougie beach fronts, exclusive parties boasting local and international DJs, and Instagram-worthy photo ops.

The spiritual scene is flourishing in Tulum too, but you’re more likely to meet an Instagram influencer coach than someone who’s been globetrotting the planet living out of their backpack for years.

Tulum offers excellent access to plenty of outdoor adventure spots. Think countless sparkling cenotes, crumbing, historical sites, and lush jungles.

You’ll have to cough up the dollar to enjoy the high life of Tulum, though. Entrance to many of Tulum’s swanky parties and a top-notch dinner in one of the destination’s most renowned restaurants often compare to prices in the United States.

The Internet can be spotty too. However, there is both a Selina and Outsite if you’re concerned.

tulum mexica digital nomad city
image: Rafael Cisneros Mendez/Unsplash

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