About a month ago, I received an email from a traveling duo that calls themselves Hair Ventures. My first thought was that maybe they were a pair of hair dressers that took their gig on the road. I couldn’t have been further off.

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to a couple who has truly embraced the nomad life. Since meeting in a tiki bar in Shanghai five years ago, they’ve covered more than 50,000 miles by car and RV. They married about a month ago, and are now on their way to South America for a few months.

This week we’re diving deeper into their journey than we’ve ever done with a story. Why? Because I was really curious about a few elements of their journey(s), and thought our reader’s might be just as intrigued.

Tomorrow, we’ll meet Meg, the American half of the duo. She left home at 23 with nothing more than a dog, $1,000, and a one-way flight to China.

Wednesday, we’re there as she struggles with the ex-pat dating world, visits a fortune teller, and eventually meets her future husband. That’s our first glimpse at the British side of the pair, Jonathan.

Thursday, Jonathan explains the question that so often comes to mind when we hear about these epic, multi-year trips: How in the world do you afford it?

Friday, we wrap up the series with a little bit of advice from Jonathan. Living in a tiny RV sounds dreamy, but clearly isn’t the easiest undertaking. How do they do it? You’ll hear straight from the source.

We’ll be featuring unique journeys, one week at a time, throughout December. Do you have a journey you’d like to share? One that you’re planning? Tell us on social media, using the hashtag “YourJourneyAwaits.”