The following was inspired by a journey of love, which carried me across Europe, through the mountains of Switzerland, and eventually to Chamonix, France.

These words were already written within the world around me, I just needed love to guide me to them.

Love, the mover, the motion of the spheres,
Sends us forth to wander and behold,
Its intricacies, fashioned not for you, but for all.
And those, with their ears attuned to its call,
Will traverse among new fields to find it.

Love, it is the light of the morning,
The emblazoned summit at night.
It is forever bound to all and they to it.
It is fire and shadows,
It is the conflagration of the soul.

Love, is Polaris, our crepuscular guide,
All things point towards it,
And it to they,
And those who deny such orientation,
Are they saddest creatures in Eden,
For it is they who refuse themselves,
The very essence of life.

Love, the teacher, reveals all paths to those who seek,
By way of nature, by nature.
It is seldom gentle,
It is seldom fair,
It will break your bones, scratch and sting,
It will feel like despair,
But this is the road rendered to understanding.

Love, the healer, cares not where you’ve been,
Its concerns are only that you’ve arrived,
So rest your weary eyes,
Remember your journey,
Rejoice that despite all,
Even if you’ve lost so much,
You still have loved.
And that has transported you to new horizons.

It’s time to catch your breathe.
In a little while your wounds will heal.
And soon enough, you will heed the call of love again.
Be attentive to its whispers.
In the soft breeze through the mountain leaves.
In the chorus of rain upon the ground.
In the song birds reverie.

Go forth. Love awaits those who wander.