The opulent Osaka Castle framed by pink cherry blossoms. The stunning golden interior of a Berlin hotel. A snow-frosted village at the base of the Matterhorn. Sunlight glinting across a warm Paris evening.

These are the kind of images you’ll see on Loïc Lagarde’s Instagram feed — and that’s only from a 10-day span in March.

Loïc’s photography is easy to identify. It’s bright and colorful, and he takes pride in the dreamy quality each photo evokes.

After growing up in Brittany, France, Loïc moved to Paris, a place he’s now called home for 25 years. Though he loves the cityscape of the French capital, Loïc has never felt completely at home there. So, he took to traveling outside of the city, searching for the inspirational spark that seemed to be missing for him in Paris.

In 2003, his restlessness and passion for travel led him to Australia, where he backpacked across what felt like the entire continent: Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Perth, Sydney, the east and west coasts, Cape Tribulation, Brisbane, Darwin, Alice Springs, and Ayers Rock. The impressive landscapes, gorgeous light, fascinating animals, and people he met along the way prompted him to begin sharing his experience on a blog, which then led to him posting his photos on various social media channels.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, 15 years later, Loïc has gathered a following of over 250,000 across his social media platforms and has become a full-time photographer. His work has taken him around the world — to Japan, India, China, New Zealand, various countries in Africa, and Polynesia —  and he shares snapshots of each of those places through his Instagram and other social media accounts.

But the one element that connects all of this photos is light.

Loïc is always searching for the perfect lighting for any given scene. Regardless of subject matter — be it the Eiffel Tower, the statues of Easter Island, or a street in Kyoto — the light must always be perfect.

He works to produce photos that evoke a feeling of dreaminess, no matter the means. For Loïc,  good lighting is what produces dreamy photos, what ties everything together, and what captivates the viewer. In fact, he’ll often travel to a place, shoot hundreds of photos, and not post a single shot because the light wasn’t absolutely ideal.

When looking at his feed, it’s hard not to feel inspired. Like some of the most well-known filmmakers, Loïc produces work with a distinct aesthetic, which is carefully cultivated by his relentless and unyielding search for perfect light and incredible subject matter around the world.