Though Anton Charushin has been interested in photography for years, his unique style is the  result of a spontaneous visit to a local zoo.

His unlikely muse? An emu.

As he lined up the shot, focused in on the bird with its head buried in the sand, and prepared to press the shutter, he realized that he was more interested in emulating the pose than taking a photograph of it.

So he tried.

Though his first attempt at a headstand was unsuccessful, a quick glance at Anton’s Instagram feed will prove that he has since perfected the stance.

Balance is an essential component of Anton’s life: He lives in Moscow and works full-time as an engineer. He has a small family, but travels whenever he can to satiate a love of exploration fostered during his childhood by parents who taught him to build a fire practically before he could walk.

During his years at university, he became enchanted by the process of film photography: the magic of focus, development, and printing. Though he has since made the transition to digital, he is fascinated by his new technique — scouting out photo locations, lining up his headstand, and getting an assistant (usually his wife) to activate the shutter.

Shooting in nature captivates him more than photographing in cities, perhaps because his seemingly effortless headstand is actually quite uncomfortable. Still, Anton has no plan to slow his travels, and has his sights set on the United States next. He says he’ll never stop. Each adventure reinvents him, though his pose remains a faithful constant.  


You can follow Anton’s travels and see more of his photography on his Instagram and website