Priyanka Boghani is a Hong Kong-based journalist with a penchant for color and chaos.

Although she describes herself as an average Hong Kong resident, she also recognizes that her work offers a “third culture” perspective, as she was raised by Indian parents in Hong Kong and attended school in the U.K. Priyanka believes this perspective has only been further developed and enriched since she moved back to Hong Kong, because the city is brimming with cultural diversity.

Through her work, Priyanka hopes to use her unique perspective to focus on topics related to Hong Kong’s amalgamated cultures, social impact investing, humanitarian issues, innovation, travel, and street photography. She also enjoys covering quirkier stories related to urban planning, like the design of Hong Kong’s first floating cemetery, which was inspired by the shortage of space in the city.

For Priyanka, Hong Kong is a place of organized chaos that offers a constantly changing, melting pot environment and a fast-paced style of living, which, in most cases, requires several pairs of sturdy sneakers. Its paradoxes and contrasts make it an exciting place to live in and photograph.

Everyday life in Hong Kong is bustling and busy, but efficient, and with its compact spaces, highly packed population, and cultural experiences, there’s always something for Priyanka to write about.

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