Joseph Orsi is a globe-trotting videographer currently based in the ever-sunny Baja California, Mexico. Specializing in wildlife and landscapes through aerial photography and videography, his adventures have led him to and through some of the world’s most fascinating places. In his own words, he prefers to seek out places “where few photographers venture and the locals are excited to share their way of life with the world through my lenses.” With plenty of accolades that speak for themselves, Joseph is also recognized by the Galapagos Conservation Trust for his work in both underwater and urban photography, and is a recipient of DJI Skypixel’s People’s Choice Award in photography.

According to Joseph, most of his success is attributed to the locals that he meets on his travels who never fail to bring more meaning to his experience. And after being abroad for 5 years in various spots around the globe, he’s certainly learned a thing or two. Like the importance of sustainable tourism and opting for overland travel when possible for a more authentic experience.

In 2019, Joseph crossed Africa from Cape Town to Cairo in a span of six months. His film Cape Town to Cairo showcases his adventure across the continent.

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