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Director of Business Development and Operations

Passion Passport is hiring a Director of Business Development and Operations. The ideal candidate will be in the driver’s seat of Passion Passport’s future and will have the opportunity to shape the lives of its community members through creative opportunities, content production, and travel grants.

He or she has relevant startup and agency experience with an innovative approach in digital marketing, photography and videography management, creative storytelling, social media and influencer campaigns, and content strategy. This candidate has successfully scaled and won pitches to grow the overall footprint and operations of an organization.

He or she is a natural leader who constantly strives to better themselves and their team: a charismatic, meticulous individual dedicated to promoting the transformative nature of travel. This candidate earns respect not only because of their experience, work ethic, and strengths but because they demonstrate empathy and respect for others.

The ideal candidate will be based and lead a small team in New York City.

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and links to previous work below.

Chief Responsibilities:


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