We’re always working to develop new, invigorating and informative travel content for you, our community. This year, we’ve introduced the Boarding Pass, a travel-focused newsletter, as well as editorial features such as Instagram Spotlights and How To guides.

And today, we’re introducing another feature, a section of our website dedicated to your favorite cities and countries around the world.

Each destination-focused page in this section will have stories, travel guides, photography, insider’s tips, and other helpful information. And, because the world is always changing, we’ll be adding to these pages over time. Check back for new content about the places on your bucket list.

You can expect to see a new page on the website every week. Eventually, we’d like this section to be a resource for all things destination-related, from content about everywhere from New York to Timbuktu!

Most importantly, we want the Destinations section to reflect the diversity of our community. If you’re an expert on a particular destination, get in touch so we can work together on creating something new! If there’s a location you’d like to see featured, let us know that too. We love hearing about the places you want to visit, chances are we want to go there too!

We want these pages to provide two things: inspiration and information. We know you turn to us for both, and we hope the addition of these new pages to the Destinations section continues to make Passion Passport an important part of your travels.

Whether you’re in the midst of mapping out an itinerary, deciding where to go next, looking to learn more about the world, or even just daydreaming, these guides will point you in the right direction.

First up: Paris, France, and Morocco.

Start exploring!


The team at Passion Passport


Special thanks to Gabriele Colzi, Yulia Denisyuk, and Christina Kooiker for the use of their photos.