When you think about Kenya what comes to mind? For most people it’s the wildlife, culture, safaris, Maasai people, lodgings and camp sites. With this in mind, luxury lodgings and camp sites have been built in or next to national parks to incorporate all these and enhance tourist experience. Thanks to this, there are now plenty of camps, retreats and lodges in Kenya that are effortlessly photogenic and make for great instagram spots. 

Giraffe Manor

If this place is not on your bucket list already, you’ll definitely want to add it. Giraffe Manor is a unique boutique hotel and as the name suggests, what really makes it stand out are the Rothschild giraffes that roam the area. Every morning and evening, the friendly giraffes pay the hotel guests a visit by poking their necks into the windows of the Manor. Their prerogative? Treats. When you’re not feeding the giraffes you can visit the giraffe center not too far from the hotel. If you are looking to have a more relaxed stay, opt for a day of spa treatments or enjoy a romantic evening of dinner and drinks at the Orchid House. 

Kenya Giraffe Manor with giraffes eating breakfast in lodge

Bateleur Camp

This charming, tented camp is set on Oloololo Escarpment in the Maasai Mara reserve and is a perfect fit for anyone who loves adventure and captivating views. Here you can embark on game drives to spot the “Big 5” and depending on the season, witness the world wonder of the Wildebeest migration. Once you’ve gotten your fill of wildlife, you can take a tour of the Mara via hot air balloon, or enjoy a few sundowners while relishing the surrounding landscape back at camp. Bateleur Camp also offers unique dining options from picturesque open-air breakfasts on the plain to delicious night fireside meals under the African sky. Translation: You won’t run out of things to share on Instagram. 

Bateleur Camp in Kenya at sunset with pool and dinner tables

Solio Lodge

Solio is an enchanting lodge between the slopes of Mt Kenya and doubles as one of the most prosperous rhino breeding reserves for both black and white rhinos. One of Solio’s most sought after day activities is a game drive where guests can spot zebras, buffalos, lions, and many more of Kenya’s famous wildlife. Alternatively, Solio offers guided walks, morning horse riding, and helicopter rides with picturesque views of the area. Solio’s six cottages are famous for their thatched roofs that embody true African culture and are adorned by unobstructed views of the Aberdare Ranges to the west and the snow-capped Mount Kenya to the east. This place was made for the gram.

Ol Seki Hemingways

Ol Seki Hemingways is a 10-tented stunning camp located at the centre of the Naboisho conservancy bordering Maasai Mara. Described by guests as a first class experience, the tented camp is an ideal destination for those who want to dive into the culture and history of the region, namely that of the Maasai people. The most popular activity is taking a stroll to the Maasai community and getting an insight into how they make their famous beadwork and carvings or buy a souvenir to take home with you. Not only is Ol Seki a great option to learn more about the regional culture, but dinner under the stars, vibrant sunsets and horseback safaris all come as an added bonus. 

Aerial view Ol Seki Hemingway lodge in Kenya

Sala’s Camp

Sala’s Camp is not only located in Kenya’s supreme wildlife region, Maasai Mara, but also exposes you to amazing views of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park that’s only a stone’s throw away. Sala’s camp is said to have luxury like no other as their accommodation provides a beautiful blend of splendor and comfort.  All their tents have a plunge pool outside for relaxation as you take in views of the game reserve and Tanzanian hills. In addition to boasting one of the most breathtaking locations in the Mara, Sala’s is also known for its variety of bird species and is a prime destination to spot all of the “Big 5.”

Segera Retreat

Segera Retreat is a collection of cozy, luxurious villas found in the middle of Laikipia Plateau. Not only does it have views of Mt Kenya, it’s home to uncommon animal species like the wild dog, reticulated giraffe and Grevy’s zebra. Those who prefer a more relaxing trip can unwind at the Rasul steam tower, have a relaxing time at the spa or go for a swim in the salt-water pool. Segera also has an incredible wine cellar cooled by a rainwater cistern and is solar powered. If you are more adventurous, consider going for a helicopter excursion where you’ll see popular attractions in the northern part of Kenya. Either way, you’ll be treated with ample opportunities for snapping photos along the way. 

The Emakoko

The Emakoko is a spectacular lodge found in Nairobi National Park with a rich variety of bird species and wildlife, including the Big 5. In addition to being a great option for nature lovers, it’s an ideal city break from the hustle and bustle in Nairobi city. On site you’ll find a lounge and bar area perfect for relaxing after a long day while taking a few snaps of the surrounding nature and wildlife. Most tourists prefer going for an excursion to the David Sheldrick wildlife trust and giraffe centre that are just close by. Other highlights include local souvenirs and hand-crafted, locally sourced ornaments and crafts.  

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Found in the middle of the Rift Valley, Lentorre is one of Kenya’s most scenic lodges. And from game drives to guided walk and breathtaking helicopter flights, you’ll find plenty of photographic inspiration for your Instagram page. Thrill seekers will love tubing down the Ewaso Ng’iro River while more relaxed adventurers can opt for stargazing, visits to Lake Magadi and Lake Natron, and romantic bush dining. 

Kenya Lentorre lodge looking over countryside and pool

Ol Jogi

Ol Jogi Home is the perfect destination for travelers looking for wildlife encounters, off road adventures, and authentic cultural experiences. Make sure to enjoy a different view of the gorgeous Laikipia region from horseback or track rhinos on foot. But don’t worry, it’s not all go-go-go. There are several relaxation amenities like yoga classes, onsite spa and steam room facilities and a pool perfect for afternoon lounging and picturesque sunsets. 

peaceufl pool at Ol Jogie lodge in Kenya

Angama Mara

Unique tented suites suspended in mid-air above the floor of Rift Valley are what makes Angama Mara one of Kenya’s most instagrammable destinations. From hot air balloon safaris at sunrise to afternoon picnics with unforgettable views, it’s practically impossible to take a bad picture here. Angama Mara also offers its guests the rare opportunity to visit the local Maasai people to learn more about their culture making it a great option for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts alike. 

Angama Mara Lodge in Kenya at unset

Tortilis Camp Amboseli

The pleasing view of Mt Kilimanjaro is what stands out at these sterling, spacious, tented accommodations known as Tortilis Camp Amboseli. Your followers will love pictures of morning breakfasts in the bush and evening drinks with breathtaking sunsets. In between, you can spend the afternoon indulging in poolside bar service and board games, learn about traditional jewelry making or embark on a safari adventure. 

The Cliff 

Resting on a 100 meter high rock facing Lake Nakuru lies The Cliff, a splendid blend of a luxury hotel, tented camps and a safari lodge. Along with being located in one of Kenya’s most breathtaking areas, and of course, home to the Big Five, Lake Nakuru is also famous for the majestic pink flamingos on its shores that are sure to bring any photo to life. They also have an unbelievably postcard-worthy bar and restaurant perfect for clinking some glasses and snapping photos.

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