We feature some of the brightest Instagram storytellers in the Passion Passport community through our Instagram Spotlight series. This week, Anne McIsaac (@yellowillow) explains why she loves the color yellow and shows us around Montreal while she’s at it!

Yellow O’Clock

When I started my Instagram account I chose “yellowillow” as my handle because I really liked the way it sounded and the flowy look of the lettering. I was amazed when, after posting a photo of a random yellow subject, I got enthusiastic reactions! I’ve been hooked since that jubilant introduction to social media.  

I started hunting for yellow things and even inventing images from scratch to feed the monster that became my obsession with yellow. As I was posting one day, I wanted to stress to my followers that it was time for another addition to my many yellow-dominant photos. #yellowoclock just popped into my mind.

It’s always #yellowoclock!

Fall in Montreal

Fall in Montreal is a colorful feast. We have so many maple, birch, ginkgo, and other tree varieties that vibrantly light fall on fire with an array of autumn colors. You can see people taking pictures with their phones all the time, everywhere, during the fall months.

I especially like to shoot the colors around my neighborhood, where there are a lot of Victorian houses and rows upon rows of gorgeous trees. My trick to get vibrant, saturated colors is to slightly underexpose the scene (which avoids making the colors washed out) and edit selectively.

Yellow State of Mind

I love yellow because of the way it makes my feed look. Not that I don’t enjoy foggy, milky, and snowy days, but I couldn’t live in a completely grey world. I need a happy atmosphere to thrive. Yellow takes care of that for me — exuding positivity and action into every facet of my life.

Snowed in

Here in Quebec, we are blessed to have four distinct seasons. Some people feel cursed because of our long winters, but I always feel blessed! If you’re going to survive five months of winter, you may as well play along!

I love that snow makes everything look so pure, crisp, and clean. Snow makes it possible to stress the compositions and make the central subject of the photo really stand out.

I discovered these sweet little houses during a winter trip to the Gaspésie Peninsula during the off-season. The cold is brutal and the wind even more so, and the houses stand, all alone on acres of white. It was love at first sight!