We feature some of the brightest Instagram storytellers in the Passion Passport community through our Instagram Spotlight series. This week, Geoff and Katie of Wandertooth (@wandertooth) discuss some of their favorite locations from around the globe.

Budapest, Hungary

We moved to Budapest at the beginning of 2017 after three years of travel that kept us bouncing around North America and Europe. Apart from our home city of Vancouver, it’s our favorite place we’ve ever lived. Our most recent photos are a reflection of our journey, of getting to know our new home. We’ve made a point of going out at least a few times each week — often in the evening, and often with a bottle of wine and a beach blanket — to find new angles from which to capture the city. Budapest is beautiful and the light is lovely — it makes it easy to get great shots.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

We both consider Vancouver to be home; it’s where Katie grew up and where we last lived before leaving to travel full-time. It’s also one of the most attractive cities in the world, with mountains, ocean, and loads of green space all within 15 minutes of downtown. One of Vancouver’s many nicknames is “City of Glass,” and you can see why with all the modern skyscrapers that make up the downtown skyline. Though you have to contend with a lot of rain throughout the year in this “wet coast” city, its contemporary beauty makes the occasional storm worth it.

Central Highlands, Mexico

We spent five months living in Oaxaca, and then another three months traveling from the Atlantic Coast to the Central Highlands, and we feel grateful to have experienced so much of Mexico. We find this country spectacular — so much so that we created an adult coloring book about Mexico with some friends to highlight its beauty. Of the places we’ve been, the Central Highlands region — around Guanajuato and Querétaro — is probably our favorite to photograph. The buildings are just so colorful and vibrant, and the streets are always so lively; there’s a shot around every corner.

Prague, Czech Republic

It’s honestly hard to think of a city more photogenic than Prague! We spent 15 months here in 2014/2015, managing to experience all the seasons in one city. The best time to visit is May, when the beer gardens are open, it’s not too hot, and it’s early enough to cross the Charles Bridge before the summer crowds descend on the city. Winter is also gorgeous — looking down at the city covered in snow is so calm and peaceful, it feels like you’re standing in a fairy tale!


We’ve explored a lot of mainland Portugal, but still, whenever we look at photos from our journeys there, we instantly yearn to return! The entire country is packed with photogenic places, from the iconic cities of Lisbon, Porto, and Coimbra to the rolling green hills in the center of the country, from the well-preserved medieval towns and castles to the spectacular ocean cliffs and beaches on the coast. Portugal resembles  Mexico with its bright colors and beautiful patterns, and the skies are blue and bright throughout much of the year.