We feature some of the brightest Instagram storytellers in the Passion Passport community through our Instagram Spotlight series. This week, discover Pınar Tüylü’s (@pinartyl) nostalgic photography of Eastern Europe.

Catching a Train 

My first experience abroad was in Budapest. And the very first place I visited in the gorgeous Hungarian city was Nyugati Railway Station. The scenes I came across while I was there the first time impressed me from the first minute. People rushing around, the sound of the train carriages. It took me to another time. The feeling was made stronger by the employees in costumes that reminded me of many old movies. The photographs I took in the station are my absolute favorites. 

Amusement Park Fun 

Sweden’s first funfair, Grand Lund, is located on Djugarden Island. This was the place I was most curious about before I made it to Stockholm. Before I took this picture, I rode the Eclipse, which is one of the most famous rides in the park. Stockholm was beneath my feet as the sun set. This photograph reminds me of the feelings Stockholm gave me, and every time I see this photograph the same song keeps playing in my head: “Mad World” by Gary Jules.







Evident History 

Çukurcuma is a small district full of historical richness in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. History is evident in the antique shops and on every corner. This special place is also known for its alley cats, and is my favorite neighborhood in all of Istanbul.

The City’s Soul

A city is not simply composed of buildings. The soul of a city is manifested in its people and reflected through the unique architecture of the urban space. My passion for traveling never runs out, but every time I return to Istanbul, I relive every emotion. Istanbul is a city that makes you feel alive, where you can find your own story time and time again. Each individual story involves people from various cultures, countries, and religions. Their differences reveal themselves through a perspective. I have come to the dazzling city of Istanbul to study, and capturing my own story with my analog camera is my greatest happiness.