We feature some of the brightest Instagram storytellers in the Passion Passport community through our Instagram Spotlight series. This week, Nico Schinco (@nschinco) explains the stories behind some of his photos from the U.S. and Italy.


Philly has always been one of my favorite cities on the East Coast. There is so much charm, history and life in this town, which is what I tried to capture in this photo. Elfreth’s Alley dates back to 1702 and is said to be America’s oldest residential street. From the colorful doors to the bright colonial flag, this street is rife with a sense of magic and history.



New York City

I’ve called New York my home for my entire life. I grew up 30-minutes away on Long Island and attended college in the Bronx, so this city has played a pivotal role in how I view the world. It’s loud, busy, crammed, tiring, energetic, lively, and so much more.

In all of my photos I strive to capture life’s quiet, vibrant, sun-drenched moments, especially when it comes to NYC. These photos were no exception. By holding my point of focus on one person while letting life zoom by around them, I hoped to juxtapose New York’s busiest and quietest moments in a single frame.


Brooklyn brownstones hold a special place in my heart, so they are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. It’s not uncommon to find me and my camera peering through a bush of flowers to photograph a building or subject to give the viewer a strong sense of foreground and background.

Wandering around the streets of Prospect Heights led me to stumble on this quiet street overflowing with greenery. By kneeling down I was able to capture the connection between jungle and stone.  



Tuscany is one of the most diverse and photogenic regions in all of Italy. All of these photos aim to show just that — Italy’s rolling hills, dramatic cypress trees, colossal mountains, and medieval architecture. The beauty of the landscape never fails to impress as you round each bend in the road.


The Eternal City casts a spell over me each time I visit. These shots were taken during twilight, which cast an orange glow through the Colosseum’s arches. When I was strolling down a cobblestone road I poked my camera through an iron gate to capture Roman ruins in the foreground with the sun soaked Colosseum in the background. To find beauty and inspiration in this ancient city, all you need to do is take a step outside and look around.