We feature some of the brightest Instagram storytellers in the Passion Passport community through our Instagram Spotlight series. This week, Jordi Alsedà (@jacbcn) shows us the hidden corners of Barcelona, Spain.


When I visit a new city or wander through my own, I like to explore old alleyways. It’s there that I can normally find a piece of old commerce or remains from the city’s past. I adore those antique facades.



Barcelona is a city full of architecture, especially that of the Modernist period, which was shaped by architects like Antoni Gaudí. This second photo showcases the facade of Casa Batlló, which is famous for its curved, nature-inspired lines. This type of architecture stands out to me because of its delicate detailing, striking interiors, and beautiful use of color. These buildings provide a wonderful contrast to the city’s more modern structures.



I always try to photograph people in their daily lives. Here, I chose to capture the owners of a few old shops that may not be around for much longer. One focuses on a bookstore, one on a leather shop, and the other on a local antique shop. For me, it’s a pleasure to take these types of photographs because although these shop owners may retire soon, I am able to capture the tradition and culture of today’s time.



I adore street portraiture because it allows you to capture a single look, gesture, or expression and turn a simple moment into something really special. Something as commonplace as a man leaning on a brick wall during his lunch break or a stylish market worker with a strong personality can become a striking piece of art.



I often focus on the little things — raindrops backlit by streetlights, figures standing in window frames, and old bikes resting on street walls. Sometimes, even the finest detail is well-worth a photo.