We feature some of the brightest Instagram storytellers in the Passion Passport community through our Instagram Spotlight series. This week, learn the stories behind some of Matt Cannon’s most intriguing photos.

Mt. Bromo, Indonesia

My visit to Mt. Bromo was unplanned. A friend and I found ourselves in Jakarta with only a few days left to explore Indonesia. Wanting to make the most of it, we asked around and were told to visit Java for a volcano tour. The idea was perfect; neither of us had seen an active volcano before, despite it being high on our bucket lists.

So we bought last minute flights and made a two-day plan to arrive, journey to Mt. Bromo, stay up through the night and watch the sunrise, and fly back the next day. We took a tour with a local guide in his land cruiser that started at 12 p.m. and arrived at 3 a.m. At this time of night, in a place where the stars were brighter than I’d ever seen before, it was humbling to see our galaxy so clear. We then hiked for about an hour to find the best spot for sunrise and, by 5 a.m., the first morning light started to roll in and the distant Mt. Semeru, the stately Mt. Batok, and the steaming crater of Mt. Bromo slowly emerged in golden sunlight like a scene from another world.

Jaipur, India

The first stop on my visit to Jaipur was Amer Fort, a grand sandstone structure full of extraordinary carvings and features. However, what caught my attention more than the fort itself were the multi-colored giants that roamed around it. Although it is a shame how these beautiful animals are sometimes treated in tourist locations like this, I cannot deny that experiencing them in person was a highlight of my trip. The next day we visited the City Palace. What stood out to me there was a set of ornate doorways, delicately crafted with great detail and color — perfect examples of the beauty of Indian architecture.

Bali, Indonesia

During our trip to Bali, my friend and I planned a day trip to the north side of the island to get away from the business and tourism of the south. The altitude made for a refreshing, cooler climate and it felt like we were finally experiencing the true Bali — deep in the jungle, searching for secret waterfalls and water temples.

The Himalayas

I visited India for a month with a group in 2016, and part of our trip included a 12-day trek through the Himalayas. The mountains were in stark contrast to the rest of India.

Every morning, we’d wake up early to walk to our next camping spot; some days we didn’t see any signs of civilization at all. One day, we were suddenly bombarded by about 100 goats. We soon realized that they were being herded by a single, lone shepherd. It was quite a moment to see one man, so far from civilization, peacefully strolling through the mountains. As he passed, I quickly turned around to capture the moment.

Cornwall, England

I am lucky enough to live and study in Cornwall. Though most of my time is spent in this beautiful part of the U.K., I always make a point to explore as much of the county as possible — even if that means venturing out between uni lectures. I’ve found that you don’t always need to travel thousands of miles to find that sense of adventure or get a few good photos. Sometimes there are gems right on your doorstep just waiting to be found.