Honorable Mention Collage for Passion Passport Instagram Challenge PPonfoot with TretornThanks to the members of our community who participated in this week’s Instagram challenge #pponfoot sponsored by TretornThere were many beautiful images of exploration from all over the world!

Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left): @thedennisli, @natordinary, @jonathanhagman, @radinugraha, @corygehr, @dodgerscollection, @seesigh, @megaira, and @hec8787. They will each receive coupons for 25% off their next purchase. Make sure to check their individual feeds for their write-ups.

The five winners for this week’s challenge will each receive a pair of Tretorn shoes of their choice (maximum value: USD 120). Check out their photos and write-ups below:

The first winner is @frigginyonsik!


“Driving through the desert, you certainly won’t expect a place like this to be right underneath you. It’s not until you get on your fee that you’re able to physically experience what at first seemed nonexistent.”

The second winner is @laphotographie__!


“Originally I wanted no one to be on the dock, but I couldn’t ask the people fishing at the end to stop, so I took the picture and realized the picture looked much better with a distraction of sorts.”

The third winner is @drewbikscube!


Fenghuang, meaning ‘phoenix’ in Chinese, is named for the mythical creature since legend has it that two of the birds saw the ancient town as so beautiful that they hovered over the place reluctant to leave. I felt the same reluctance as this was my favorite place in China — the cobbled streets, buildings supported by poles extending over the river, women hand-washing their clothes like olden days, and preserved minority culture all added to the allure and charm of this place. I still daydream of my time spent getting lost in the alleys and discovering new views of the town at every corner.”

The fourth winner is @hnuh!


“A lot of aspects of life right now have reminded me that the path to a goal may not always be easy or without struggles, but those struggles are lessons and a part of life. It’s okay to hesitate, take it one step at a time, and embrace the difficulties because they can be beautiful too. This photo from hiking at Hocking Hills embodies how I feel right now: caught in the middle of an icy path that could get worse before it gets better — but still following the path because it’s a unique and worthy adventure in itself.”

The fifth winner is @jessicambosse!


“We had heard of this plane that had crash landed on the coast of southern Iceland. We wanted to get to it. We flew to Reykavik from Isafjordur, rented a car and drove to the approximate location based on satellite images we found and parked along highway 1. After hiking for an hour we arrived. It was such a beautiful piece of mangled, forgotten metal among a breathtaking vista of volcanic rock, mountains, and salty ocean air.”