This week's honorable mentions.
This week’s honorable mentions.

Thanks to the members of our community who participated in this week’s Instagram challenge #ppcityscapes sponsored by Walks of New YorkThere were many beautiful images of urban life from all over the world!

Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions (left to right, starting top): @therealpaoroldan, @frankklopez@milkstachio@reyeslrachel and @jezibell. They will each receive vouchers for USD 100 for their choice of Walks of New York or Walks of Italy. Make sure to check their individual feeds for their write-ups.

The winner for this week’s challenge is @lyssavarela! She will receive a weekend trip to New York City! Check out her winning photo and write-up below:

This week's winning photo!
This week’s winning photo!

“No trip to San Francisco is complete without a sunset view along Fisherman’s Wharf. My sister and I decided the best (and hands-down most enjoyable) way to take in the sunlit city was to hop on the children’s carousel on pier 39 — easily a new favorite easy way to enjoy the spinning sights.”