This week’s honorable mentions.

Thanks to all who participated in this week’s Instagram challenge #ppgreatoutdoors — it was inspiring seeing Passion Passport community members from all over the world get out and explore!

Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left) who will receive 25% off vouchers for the NEMO website. Make sure to check their individual feeds for their write-ups: @deradjad, @freethebirdphotography, @brenton_clarke, @natmarie3, @a_leskov, @chaiwalla, @captainmaji, @srt4shawn, and @ivanasav

Congratulations to this week’s challenge winner @danplys! He will win some rad camping gear from NEMO valued at $400 including a Galaxi Tent; a Fillo Pillow; and a portable, high-pressure Helio Shower. Here is his write-up and photo (below):

This week’s winning photo by @danplys.

“Chasing the northern lights has become a new passion lately. It has challenged me mentally and physically — spending many late nights beyond exhaustion where I don’t see anything — but the persistence pays off, and my body and spirit are overcome by joy every time I see the lights turn on and start to dance across the sky.”