Honorable Mentions for #ppdeepblue!
Honorable Mentions for #ppdeepblue!

Thanks to the members of our community who participated in this week’s Instagram challenge #ppdeepblue, sponsored by Betabrand! There were some fantastic blue images from all over the world!

Congratulations to this week’s honorable mentions (left to right, starting top-left): @catherineshyu, @lisagalesloot, @trisataro, @maisasofia, @jrdito, @nanerodrigues, @loveandrich, @paqui2fr, and @ymke . Make sure to check their individual feeds for their write-ups.

There are three winners for this week’s challenge. All three will win a pair of Betabrand’s navy blue dress yoga pants! Check out their photos and write-ups below:


The first winner is Debbie Sherman (@dsherman)

Winner #1, @dsherman!
Winner #1, @dsherman!
















“We have the opportunity to choose the way we look at the day. Crawl right through it (look closely to see the crawly creature!), stand back and take it all in, or climb straight to the top.” -@dsherman


The second winner is Jessica Bossé (@jessicambosse)!
















“Suspended. Here @mattjcraven was snorkeling between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, in Silfra Fissure, Iceland.” -@jessicambosse


The third winner is Liza Dunn (@teawithhummingbirds)!
















“When I took this it was a reminder to me to slow down, to enjoy the simplicity that comes from a beautiful view and to appreciate the peace that comes sitting at water’s edge.” -@teawithhummingbirds